Monday, January 03, 2005

Visions and Revisions

There will be time ...
And time yet for a hundred indecision,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea.

-ol' T.S.

Gosh I'll miss Google, my constant spelling/directions/random quote source while I'm at work or home. Or while any friends are at work or home to serve as my personal conceirge. I did memorize this poem in lovely Patricia Wallace's Modern Poetry class, once upon a time. But it's been a few years since those lazy days drinking coffee and reading Wallace Stevens in the Cobblebleu Cafe near Vassar campus.


New York city, stepping into 2005: tired old drunks in the street by Irish bars on 2nd Avenue by 2pm on the 31st , crowing "Happy New Yearrrr" to passerbys.
Cabbing it to a Brooklyn party (really too fast) down the FDR parkway, watching the Brooklyn Bridge loom and the red lights of the city whirl past us.

E:\DCIM\100OLYMP\lights in the city.JPG

E:\DCIM\100OLYMP\Pri and Me.JPG

January 1: Battered denizens of the city downing bloody marys then stumbling outside to join the jostling city strollers on upper Broadway. Laughing too loudly in the weirdly balmy afternoon sunshine (ok, that would be my friends and I).

Visions I won't miss:
The usual flurry of New Year's Resolution-inspired diet tips, everywhere: AMNew York front page: Trim the Fat. TV babble: Rachel Ray doing lo carb meals on the Food Network: "all of my friends are on one diet or another." Ads: Carb Countdown Dairy Beverage. "7% less carbs than milk! Adkins-approved beverage!"

Visions I will:
Hip hop heads getting down at Table 50, below Bleeker and Broadway, on a Sunday night. A sweaty, bumping dancefloor at 1am. Free satay, hummus, melon and blueberries on the bar, why not? $3 Tiger beers.

Uh oh. I got a today message from my fellow Veerni volunteer that there was a miscommunication, or something. The apartment that was supposed to be arranged for us in Jodphur, er, wasn't. "Apparently the emails weren't going through," she told me in a surprisingly lucid voice mail from around the world.

I'm sure we'll work out a plan B. A friend who's traveled around India for 4 months told me the old saying is, "Ja pooch mi leega". Or something that means, "In India, anything is possible."

Oh well--as my mom and some old French crooners say, que sera sera. Here's to the unexpected gifts 2005 has in store for us.


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