Saturday, October 21, 2006

They Reminisce Over You

Shree India, they do reminisce, they do. By "they" I mean I reminisce, to whomever will listen for five minutes or really just make eye contact over the water cooler at work. The food is a common subject of rhapsody, the-- Oh god the chapatti and the red chile cabbage!!, I stammer, and they nod, yes, chapatti...?

Yes, New York is cool as cool can be, I mean stylish as all hell--you do forget about the skinny jeans posses--and even the dinky places (pink and orange plastic coated Dunkin' Donuts, sprouting up on either end of my block) make a decent latte. It's nice to be able to sleep without sweating all over malarial mosquitos. It's nice to walk, fast, without sucking in dust or getting run over by motorbikes (cross fingers) or rickshaws, or cows. But I find myself hunching over in the cold, walking-cum-sprinting through crowded sidewalks, honing tunnel vision against the homeless pissing on the side, becoming the coffee slurping, impatient New Yorker again.

Whatever, more photos...


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