Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Throught the looking glass

And then I stepped in...

I'm in Jodhpur, a city on the edge of the Thar desert in the northwestern state of Rajasthan. The city is surreal--actually all of India is at the moment, since it's my second day--but it certainly is beautiful here. The weather is 70 degrees, very sunny, but cold at night.

Jodphur is certainly different from Mumbai--here the common thread is that there are a lot of tiny adorable children yelling "hallo! hallo! 5 rupee madam! bubble gum madam! chocolate!" trying to grab your hand, while you're simultaneously almost getting run over by 1000 bicycles, scooters and auto (gas powered) rickshaws.

I can't begin to desribe the way this place looks, it's ridiculous. I will post pictures tomorrow since it's a holiday and I won't be teaching yet (it's the birthday of the Maharaja--like the lord of the city).

I'm tired--jet lag set in last night I think and I couldn't really sleep! But I've exhilerated to be here and can't wait to explore more.

My flight up here from Mumbai on Jet Airways was terrific, definitely worth the $116 ticket (this means it's basically for the extremely rich, Indian business honchos or western tourists). The service was very attentive, professional and the whole experience seemed remarkably smooth (then again, I flew Air India from JFK--awful service, food, smell).

Ok, I'll post stuff about Mumbai tomorrow--I'm being pulled off to have dinner with some friends from a nearby guest house.



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