Saturday, January 03, 2009

Baltimore to Dhaka

In 2006, the last time I posted on this blog, I had recently returned from Jodhpur, India to roost on 25th street in New York City. These days, home is a carriage house apartment in historic Mt Vernon, Baltimore. Albeit infrequently, I chronicle neighborhood goings on here. In place of Italian leather and destination spas, my beat in the Big Apple, I'm writing about an icky bacteria that causes childhood pneumonia and meningitis. Shortly, I will travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh, and on to India to attempt to further this cause. I'm hoping to get time to write here about the things we'll see on the street on the way to meetings. As Mr. Pushpender Singh Rathore always said, on the road in India anything is possible.


Blogger Radha said...

can't wait to hear more about your time in the Desh and in India!

4:45 PM EST  

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